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Learn more about your Handshake feeds
Learn more about your Handshake feeds

Learn about when, where, and how job content from Handshake is pulled into your uConnect platform

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Integrating with Handshake is a great way to feed important job opportunities straight to your uConnect platform! Job descriptions, expiration dates, employer names, tags, and more can be pulled into the pending section of your uConnect dashboard through an integration with Handshake, allowing admin to easily publish any relevant jobs.

Wondering how the integration works?

The Handshake integration is powered by an RSS feed, and updated every 24 hours, enabling new job content to feed into your platform everyday. This ensures that fresh content and new opportunities always appear in your dashboard, available for publication by admin and staff users.

200 records per feed limit

Handshake feeds have a limit of 200 records per feed. This means that if you have over 200 records that meet the criteria of your feed, only the first 200 will pull over. Luckily, there’s a simple solution for this: creating more Handshake feeds to plug in to uConnect! To ensure that each of these feeds is collecting a different set of records, we recommend, for example, creating one feed for internship opportunities, and one feed for full time opportunities. As many Handshake feeds as you’d like can be added to uConnect. You can also explore setting up an autotag workflow with your Handshake integration. This would mean that you have a feed for each of your Communities, and the records pulled in through those feeds are automatically tagged to the appropriate community. 

Publishing jobs from Handshake

Once an employer profile has been created, jobs pulled in from Handshake can either be published or deleted from the pending bin. Here’s an article that explains how to publish and delete your pending jobs.

Note: If you’re wondering about what happens when updates to jobs are made within Handshake, and if the information living in uConnect will reflect any edits in Handshake you’ve made, see this article for more information.

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