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Before You Begin

Discover the basics of the uConnect platform.

Get Started

Learn the basics of logging in, setting up users, and managing accounts.

Manage your uConnect Communities

Explore how Communities function, the roles they serve, and how to manage Communities in the backend of your uConnect platform.

Organize Information through Content Categories

Learn about how to create filters for the different content types available in your uConnect platform.

Customize Your Site

Take ownership of your platform by customizing it to reflect your career center.

Publish Content

Leverage the tools at your disposal to produce and organize amazing content. Content is king, after all.

Manage Subscribers and Backend Platform Users

Learn the ins and outs of managing subscribers and discover how to make updates regarding backend platform users.

Market Your Platform

Leverage uConnect's marketing technology to expand your reach of influence.

Integrate Resources + Data

Find answers to your technical questions on implementing the wide range of campus resources used at your institution.

Engage Influencers

Expand your reach of influence and scale your impact on student success by engaging external influencers.

Present Your Outcomes Data (ODV)

Set up and customize your Outcome Data Visualization (ODV) Tool to create an interactive space for users to engage with your institution's outcome data.

Leverage Analytics

Use platform analytics to improve engagement and learn about user preferences.

Master the Block Editor
Candid Career+

Learn about all the features of the Candid Career+ Video module.

Accessibility Hub

Learn how to make your platform more accessible