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Create an auto-tag or auto-publish workflow with Handshake
Create an auto-tag or auto-publish workflow with Handshake

If your institution uses Handshake, you can set up an automated workflow to pre-tag and publish your content without any maintenance!

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What does the auto-tag workflow accomplish?

For any topic specific job or event feeds you generate in Handshake, we can pre-tag the incoming content to the relevant corresponding community in uConnect. For instance, if you set up a Job feed to bring in only jobs tagged the 'Finance + Accounting', we can pre-tag all jobs imported in that feed to the relevant 'finance' community you in your uConnect platform. The same goes for content types. For instance, if you create an event feed specific for Info Sessions, we can pre-tag any events pulled in via that feed to the 'Info Session' Event category. The possibilities are endless!

This added feature has two main benefits:

  1. It saves you the time of having to retag content in uConnect that you've already tagged in Handshake.

  2. You can sort through pending jobs and events by your communities and categories, rather than navigating through a bulk list, allowing for an easier workflow for your admin and staff. 

What does the auto-publish workflow accomplish?

Our auto-publish workflow is available to configure on your Handshake events feeds (jobs feeds forthcoming!). This feature allows any event pulled in from Handshake to automatically post to the public-facing side of your platform, rather than having events pulled into the 'Pending' list. 

This is a great option for two reasons:

  1. If you know that all the events posted in Handshake are ones that you want to promote to your stakeholders. 

  2. If you have a smaller team, or prefer a more hands-off approach to managing the platform. (No ongoing maintenance required for this setup!)

It's also important to note that auto-tagging events for your auto-publish feeds is the best way to use this feature. Since this feature will publish events without an admin having the chance to tag the content, it's important that the main tags are included so that students can still fitler their events, see relevant events in the relevant communities, and receive relevant events in their automated alerts. 

If you're interested in setting your Handshake feeds to auto-publish, please submit your Handshake feeds to this form and we'll update them for you!

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