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Publish pending employer profiles and jobs

Career center staff can review and publish employers and jobs from the admin dashboard

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Review and publish from 'Employers & Jobs' page:

  • Under the Publish tab in the left-hand side menu, navigate to Employers & Jobs

  • Select either Employers or Jobs and filter by "Pending" submissions

  • Within the editing page of either an Employer profile or a Job, a submission can either be "Published" or deleted.

  • In order to publish a job, an employer must first be "Published." You will be directed to the Edit Employer page to add basic info, such as a logo and a cover video or image, if that information does not already exist. 

  • Once an employer has been approved, any jobs, current or future, connected to the same employer are available to be published. You can find their pending jobs under the Jobs tab in Employer Edit screen and review and publish them.

Note: Before a pending job can be published, you will be asked to complete the basic employer fields with company logo and a company image or video, if this has not already been done. These important employer fields will appear on the top of the Edit Job page for easy access and an error message will display if this content is missing.

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