-->You update a job or event in your CSM (Handshake, Symplicity, 12Twenty, etc.)
-->Before you made the update, that job or event post had already been pulled over into uConnect

So you're wondering, what happens to the post that lives in uConnect? Does it update to reflect all the changes made in the CSM? 

Here's the deal:

These fields will automatically update with any changes you make in your CSM:
-Location (such as Virtual URL)

These fields will not automatically update with any changes you make in your CSM:**

You may be wondering, why don't the title and description always update automatically? They don't because oftentimes, users will augment the event or job posting in uConnect with more details. Were the automatic sync to update the description and title of the event, any changes made to the uConnect version of the post would be erased.

**If you use Symplicity, there is an option we can activate so that the title and description will also update automatically. Just send us a message at support@gouconnect.com to let us know you'd like this feature enabled.  

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