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Create and edit employer profiles
Create and edit employer profiles

Career center staff can create a profile on an employer's behalf, or approve a profile that an employer has submitted

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Create and edit profiles to drive employer engagement and post jobs:

An employer profile can be set up with just a few basic pieces of information, which allows employers and staff to begin posting jobs. You can then choose to build upon this basic profile to create a fully developed profile page, which better engages students, drives career education, and ultimately increases the quantity and quality of job applications.

With a profile in place, employers can engage with students by sharing career advice, highlighting employee success stories, promoting upcoming events and more. 

Add an employer profile: 

  • Under the Publish tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, hover over Employers & Jobs, and select Employers

  • From the Employers page, select Add New

  • On the Basic Profile tab, add the company name, logo, contact information and accompanying tags (this is all that's needed in order to post jobs)

  • Select the Expanded Profile tab to show additional fields for creating a profile page on your front end (here, you can include additional information like social media accounts, call to action buttons, and company descriptions)

  • Make sure you toggle the Profile Page button on, so that the content you included in the Expanded Profile section is available on the front end!

  • Select the Jobs tab to add, edit, and manage current job listings

  • Click Preview to examine the profile and make changes as needed

  • Once you're satisfied with the profile hit Publish

Note: If you want to label an employer as a sponsor, you can select 'Yes' under Is Sponsor/Partner on the basic info page. This will enable additional exposure for that profile.

Edit an existing employer profile:

  • Navigate to the Employers & Jobs tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard > Employers

  • Hover over the employer profile you wish to update and click Edit

  • Make updates as desired on the basic info, jobs, or profile page tabs

  • Update once changes have been made

Understand profile expiration:

It's important to make note of the Expiration function. When a profile expires, it's hidden from the front end of your platform, but will still exist in your dashboard. There are three options for setting expiration guidelines of Employer Profiles:

  1. Never

  2. Auto (when an employer no longer has any job postings)

  3. On a specified date

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