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Users versus Subscribers: Learn the Differences
Users versus Subscribers: Learn the Differences
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Users are the accounts created under Manage>Users>Add New, and each user type has different permission levels associated with them related to admin capabilities. Unlike typical subscribers who can only customize their preferences, certain users types such as Student Staff, Staff, and Admin user types all have higher levels of permissions and varying levels of access to different areas of the platform and adding/editing/deleting content. Learn more here!

Subscribers can be created through a manual upload in our secure form here that a member of the uConnect team completes on your behalf or through setting up a Student Information Sync (SIS) with uConnect.

In the case where Single Sign On (SSO) is enabled, when visitors log into their uConnect platform using their institutional credentials, a user account is created for that visitor. When the visitor logs in using their institutional credentials and they don't sign up for alerts or set their preferences, you cannot see them from the admin view in Engage > Subscribers. On the other hand, any visitor who has logged in using SSO AND has signed up for alerts and set their preferences, their accounts will show up under Engage > Subscribers.

Sometimes, there may be many more subscribers than users because either a) there was a manual upload or a SIS (student information sync) is set up, or b) students are logging in through SSO. To completely remove a user, you should delete any existing accounts, and in cases where there are duplicates, those user accounts should also be merged.

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