What permissions do different users have?

Admin, staff, student staff, and community experts: learn the ins and outs of dashboard accessibility levels.

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A user's role indicates what permissions they have been granted within the site. There are four levels of dashboard accessibility:

  • Admin

  • Staff

  • Student Staff

  • Community Expert

Refer to this explanation of the differences between each role to determine the appropriate role for each user. For a complete list of User Roles and Permissions, refer to the Table View below.

 What are the admin permissions?

  • Add, edit & delete users

  • Add or remove users from the Staff / Meet the Team page

  • Create new pages (Dedicated version only)

  • Edit pages

  • Create and analyze Forms

  • Send email campaigns

  • View platform analytics

  • Perform any function that Staff or Student Staff can

What are the staff and student staff permissions?*

  • Publish blog posts

  • Publish jobs

  • Publish events

  • Publish resources

  • View platform analytics

  • Public profile visibility (optional)

What are Community Expert permissions?

  • Submit blog posts (needs approval to be published)

  • Submit events (needs approval to be published)

  • Public profile visibility (optional)

  • No dashboard access

  • If you are reading an article that shows a view you don't see, it means you don't have permissions to perform that task. Please see an admin user if you think your role should be changed.

Explore our 'Role Permissions Guide':

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