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Why integrate with your institutional Student Information System (SIS)?
Why integrate with your institutional Student Information System (SIS)?

Learn how to automate the import of your student information to ensure you always have the most up-to-date data available.

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Why integrate with your student information system?

Behind all the amazing career content, resources and information now easily accessible on your uConnect platform is a suite of marketing tools and technology to proactively engage students. These tools are instrumental in driving engagement with the platform, and ultimately, the full range of career resources promoted on your uConnect platform. In order to take advantage of these tools, you need your student contact information loaded into the system.

What information do we recommend including?

We require very basic data, just name and email. That being said, we recommend you bring in much more than that, so that you know more about each student, and can tailor your communications to them based on those known interests. Attributes like graduation year, major, career / industry interest or even affinity information can help you more effectively promote the right content, to the right users. Having this information on hand allows admin on your team to target select user groups or class years, activate curated automated email alerts that send unique content to each individual students, or send bulk-emails to your entire student body with just a few clicks. 

Part of ensuring the accuracy of your student information is to make sure that it’s updated regularly. In the past, this would include submitting an Excel file with student contact information through our secure intake form. Now, we’ve developed a universal integration with student information systems, to streamline and automate the process. 

Our universal integration pulls in updated student information on a regular basis (each Saturday), that way - no matter how many students change their major, transfer in, or graduate, you have the most up to date information with which to reach them.

Check out our instructions for integrating with your student information system for more information!

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