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Create a form as a resource
Create a form as a resource

Learn how to embed a form into a resource so that you can tag and share it amongst your communities.

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If you're new to uConnect's form too, check out this article to learn how to create one,

Once you've created a form, make sure you save it, then navigate to the Resources section:

  • Navigate to Publish > Resources > Add New Resource

  • Add a title

  • Above the text editor, select the Add Form button

  • Next, select the form you created from the dropdown list, select whether you'd like the form title (Note: might be redundant if you've named the resource after the form) and description, and click Insert Form.

  • Once the form is inserted, make sure the resource is set to External with no link included. This setup will ensure the resource is treated like a resource page, rather than linking out to a website, or attaching an internal resource like a PDF or word doc.

  • Tag your resource accordingly, and select Publish. You're all set!

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