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Forms, also referred to as surveys or quizzes, can be built within the admin dashboard and embedded into custom pages on your site.

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Create a form:

Under the Engage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, hover over Forms and select New Form.

On the top left select +Add New and you will see a pop up to start with a Blank Form to create from scratch, or select from one of the Templates to customize. Select your option and title it, and then add a short description of what this form is used for.

You'll then be directed to a form build page with different fields to build out your desired form, or to edit the template from the fields already added.

On the right you will see two tabs: Add Fields and Field Settings.

Add Fields allow you to add different fields from the menu below, such as Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Drop Downs and more to add to your form.

Field Settings will allow you to format a specific field. For example, if you add a Single Line Text field you will see the settings on the right side to add the text for this line under Field Label.

Top Menu

Next to the name of the form you created will be a menu for Settings, Entries and Embed Form.

Navigate to Settings > Form Settings to view Form Basics, Form Layout and Restrictions. Here you can also edit the name and description of the form. Also under Settings in the top menu are options to set up notifications and confirmations.

Set up form notifications and confirmations:

  • Confirmations notify site visitors that their response has been received 

  • Notifications notify site administrators that a form entry has been received Both are optional and can be configured in the form settings

  • Click here for instructions on setting up form confirmations

  • Click here for instructions on setting up form notifications

Embed your form: 

You can either embed your form on an existing page within your site or generate a new page for the form.

Click here for details on how to embed and display your form to site visitors

Explore tips:

Preview your form to see how it will appear once displayed to site visitors

Track the progress of your form by viewing its conversion (a percentage of the number of entries vs. the number of views)

To enable or disable a form from the dashboard navigate to Engage > Forms and click on the status to be 'Active' or 'Inactive'.

For additional help reach out to Support via the chat icon on the bottom right when logged in to the platform.

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