Create a form:

  1. Under the Engage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, hover over Forms and select New Form

  2. Give your form a title and description (optional); then select Create Form

  3. You'll then be directed to a form build page with detailed instructions to build out your desired form

Adjust form settings:

  1. Select Settings > Form Settings to adjust formatting and display settings for your form, as well as other modifications like form entry capacity, save and continue options, or a form schedule

Set up form notifications and confirmations:

  • Confirmations notify site visitors that their response has been received¬†

  • Notifications notify site administrators that a form entry has been received Both are optional and can be configured in the form settings

  • Click here for instructions on setting up form confirmations

  • Click here for instructions on setting up form notifications

Embed your form: 

You can either embed your form on an existing page within your site or generate a new page for the form.

  • Click here for details on how to embed and display your form to site visitors

Explore tips:

  • Preview your form to see how it will appear once displayed to site visitors

  • Track the progress of your form by viewing its conversion (a percentage of the number of entries vs. the number of views)

  • Quickly enable or disable a form using the green switch in the list view

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