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Learn how to expand your video library by adding new videos.

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Add new video:

  1. In you admin dashboard, expand the 'Publish' menu in the left-hand toolbar

  2. Select 'Videos', then 'Add New Video'

  3. Input a title and description

  4. Copy and paste the video URL (we can support videos from Kaltura*, Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo, and Candid Careers)

  5. Upload a thumbnail, if you'd like to specify a particular image to appear in the video preview

  6. If you'd like the video to appear in the library hero section, select the 'Hero Video' checkbox.ย 

  7. If you'd like to designate an order for the video, add a number in the order box (higher numbered videos appear first -- if left unordered, videos added most recently will appear first)

  8. Tag your video to the relevant communities and video categories to ensure your video reaches the right users and appears on the right pages

  9. Publish!

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*Note: If you use Kaltura MediaSpace, we'll need the MediaSpace URL to configure support. The URL should match one of the following formats:

  • the entry page URL - https://[MediaSpace URL]/media/[Entry Name]/[Entry ID].

  • the copied link from the 'share / oEmbed' tab - https://[MediaSpace URL]/id/[entry ID]?width=400&height=285&playerId=12345678

For MediaSpace, the oEmbed module will need to enabled for your KMS instance in order to feature your videos under the Publish>Videos section.

Submit a support request to get this set up!

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