Featuring student leaders on an organization's page helps strengthen an organization and helps connect prospects to the right organization members! 

Step 1
To feature student officers on an organization's page, the most important step is to ensure that the presidency are community experts on your uConnect platform. To understand the roles of community experts, please refer to this article explaining the different role permissions.

Step 2
Update a user's role permission to community experts by clicking on 'Edit' on the user
If you need a refresher on how to update a user's role permission, read this article.

Step 3
While you are updating a user's role permission, fill in any relevant information you would like featured on the club presidency's individual profiles page.

Step 4
While editing the user and filling out relevant contact information, tag the organization you want the students to be featured in by hovering to 'Advising Categories' in the edit user page and tagging your organization from the drop down menu.

As soon as you tag the user to your organization, they will be featured on the tagged organization's page!

If featured users don’t automatically show up on your organization page, reach out to us at support@gouconnect.com to set up the necessary widget!

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