How to set up your team

When introducing uConnect to your team, it's important to outline exactly how this new platform will influence your teammates' workflows. An effective way of doing this is to clearly outline the role each person will play in maintaining the platform, and how the platform will help your department achieve their overarching goals.


Below, we've outlined the main roles that should be identified prior to your platform launch.

Content Manager

uConnect is designed in a way to make contributing content a breeze. That being said, someone will still need to be the point-person to maintain the platform, organize contributions, and keep content fresh. This is the role of the content manager. We've outlined a list of the typical responsibilities associated with this role:

Platform Manager

The platform manager is responsible for any updates to the core structure of the platform. Are you serving a new groups of students? That means you need to add a new audience tag. Do you want to add Accounting, Healthcare, or Zoology as a new community page for students to explore? That means a new community tag. This person is responsible for knowing when a change in department goals means a necessary change in the platform. We've outlined some typical responsibilities below:

IT Manager

The IT Manager will be responsible for any ongoing SSO, DNS and email updates. This person will also stay on top of any school-wide IT updates that could affect the uConnect platform. Most of the IT Manager's job happens during Onboarding. Once your platform has launched, the majority of the IT Manager's role is maintenance.

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