If you have a member of your staff leaving the office, or a student staff member graduating, here's a handy checklist to streamline the off-boarding of uConnect staff contributors and platform admins.

Remove staff member from the staff page:

If your team member is on the staff page, you'll want to remove them so that students and stakeholders don't attempt to contact them or set an appointment.

Once you remove a user from the Staff Page, they will also be automatically removed from any community pages.

Content authored by deleted staff pages is not deleted or reassigned once a staff member leaves. If you don't want content to remain attributed to ex-staff or past-students, you'll need 'search by author' and manually re-assign their content to another staff member. 

Delete the user:

Deleting an admin user or student staff does not delete their subscriber preferences, it only removes their admin or staff access to the uConnect dashboard. Any content authored by that staff member will NOT be deleted, and will still be attributed to that author. 

Only admin users can delete a user, and you cannot delete your own user profile. 

Update Editorial Calendar and re-assign tasks:

Hopefully you employ our handy Editorial Calendar to track assignments and organize workload across your team. If so, you'll want to re-assign tasks and content development responsibility to another team member so you can continue to stay on top of your scheduled campaigns. 

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