What is the editorial calendar? 

uConnect gives career center leaders a simple way to manage content creation and keep staff members and community experts informed and engaged. 

The editorial calendar is a tool that organizes communications across the team and allows you to delegate responsibility, diversify the voice of your career center, brand individual staff members, and encourage community experts to publish content and provide their insights. You don't create content with the editorial calendar, you schedule your team to create content. 

Schedule a campaign with the editorial calendar:

Click the Editorial Calendar tab in the left-hand menu or the top navigation on the Dashboard. 

Find the date for when you want to schedule a post and hold your cursor over it. Click on the plus sign (+) that appears in the corner of the date. This will bring up a pop-up page with four options. 

First, choose the kind of content you wish to schedule: Job, Event, Blog, or Microblog.

Next, you will see a list of your career center staff and community experts that have been added as users on your platform. Choose the staff member or community expert whose job it will be to create the content.

From here, you will be able to choose the tags that your post will have (for example, which Class Year(s) it will apply to, or which Academic Category it falls into). 

You'll then designate a time of day that you want the scheduled author to receive a reminder to create the post. Remember, nothing will actually be posted. You're scheduling content creation and assigning it to a team member. 

You can leave a comment for the person responsible for the content and, if desired, choose to make the reminder a recurring one, with weekly, every other week, and monthly as available frequencies. Recurring reminders may be useful for scheduling a weekly column, a bi-weekly student spotlight, or a monthly event hot list. 

When you have filled out all the information, click Save.

Once scheduled, your content will appear in calendar form. Having a high-level view of who is posting, what, when and how often, is a great way to stay organized, share your workflow with your colleagues, and to continuously deliver value to your users.

Note: Once you schedule a post, the editorial calendar will send two reminder emails to the person in charge of the post:

  • when the content is assigned/scheduled 

  • at 8am on the day the content is scheduled to appear

Check out this tutorial video for a visual guide to your editorial calendar:

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