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Master the Block Editor
Learn about how to edit a block in your text editor for custom pages and blog posts
Learn about how to edit a block in your text editor for custom pages and blog posts

Review how to make edits to any block/section added in a blog post or custom page

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As a quick reminder, within a custom page or blog’s description section, you can add a variety of content blocks to help organize important descriptive text and information for your users in a visually appealing way.

An example of a few blocks are shown below:

If you’re curious about the value of the block feature and are hoping to learn more about what blocks are, feel free to check out our support article here.

If you need to make an adjustment to the text or image included in a block, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to either Publish>Pages, or Publish>Blogs depending on where the content you're hoping to edit is located

2) Scroll to the description section shown in the screenshot above

3) Select the content you're hoping to edit, which will allow you to type in new text, or make any changes to the formatting such as bolding information, italicizing, linking to content, etc.

4) If you'd like to delete an entire block's content, simply select the block and click the delete option or back space on your keyboard

5) Depending on the specific type of block that's been added, you can sometimes click on the '+' sign to add more content, as shown below:

When you've finished making any edits, save your page or blog post, and you'll be good to go! Don't forget to check out our other training videos here!

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