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How do employers set up their own employer profiles?
How do employers set up their own employer profiles?

Learn how employers can set up their own profiles to better support your company partnerships in the future.

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Learn how employers set up a profile: 

Employers will be able to create their own employer profile pages and promote their organization all from the home page of the uConnect platform. 

To set up a profile, employer representatives first create a personal account by clicking on the Sign up tab on the top-right of the screen. They enter some basic information and select Employer as their audience type. 

After employer reps have signed up for a personal account, they have the ability to create an employer profile on behalf of their organization. 

The base level employer profile can be created by filling out the required fields on the Basic info page. Employers are required to fill out this information before submitting jobs. Employers also have the option to select Profile Page, which will present them with additional fields to fill that will provide more information to students and create a more engaging experience. 

For companies that have previously set up an employer profile, the information will automatically populate, streamlining this process and making it easier for employers to engage with your students and career center.

Once completed, employer profiles are submitted and reviewed by career center staff members, who can publish the profiles, making them live and publicly viewable on the platform.

With a profile set up, employers can now post additional content to build their brand on campus and increase visibility and recognition with students.  

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