What are custom emails?

Custom emails are individual email campaigns that you can create to target a specific audience based on the user information they've identified; i.e., user type, graduation year, content preferences, etc.  

When should I send a custom email?

Custom emails are useful when you want to create targeted campaigns that can address the specific needs, interests and goals of a unique audience. 

Incorporate best practices for custom emails:

Custom emails should be sent with the intention of conveying a message that's specific to a targeted audience. Such emails are most effective when sent using relatable language for each group. For instance, you might decide that employer emails should be more formal than student emails. 

Review usage situations for custom emails:

  • "Welcome!" email to newly enrolled freshman

  • "Reminder" email to subscribers tagged to a specific career community when a relevant employer event is coming up

  • "Next Step After Graduation!" email targeted to the senior class

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