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Engage alumni directly through guest blog contributions
Engage alumni directly through guest blog contributions

Alumni can submit content directly to your platform through their own accounts.

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Encourage your alumni to give back: 

They know first hand what it’s like to be a student gearing up for the looming job search post-grad. Ask your alumni to lend a hand through tips, tricks, and advice for staying cool and collected. 

It’s easy for alumni to contribute through the Guest Contributor Portal. They have the option to post advice, real-life experiences, career opportunities and more, all of which might help current students connect with employers, learn about interviewing, or discover hiring events. The sky’s the limit! You can feature these contributions on any of your career community pages, depending on the content of the post. 

Email, post to Facebook, message on LinkedIn, tag on Instagram, and tweet to alumni in order to tell them about this wonderful opportunity to help out their alma mater! 

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