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Market to employers with social media campaigns
Market to employers with social media campaigns

Use your social media platforms to increase career center exposure with employers.

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Social media is a great way to spread awareness of your brand and content while directing users back to your career center website. It’s becoming an increasingly important to channel to utilize as social media usage continues to rise. 

Hire our students:

Reaching out to employers through social media is a great way to show that you understand their target audience - students. Create a “Hire Our Students” campaign through your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts that encourages employers to look through your website, particularly the Employer Profile pages and career communities. Use a unique hashtag, like #hireUW or #hireHuskies so that employers can easily track all the content posted to this campaign. Encourage them to engage by posting blog content through the Guest Contributor portal to the career community pages of interest to them. 

Show off your students:

Show off a student success story at a current or former internship to let your Employer community know the true value of hiring from your school. Interview students about their experience with the job, and their managers about how the student performed. Positive feedback from their supervisors will encourage other employers to join in on the success and hire your students as their own interns. Interview 4-5 students and supervisors, and create a blog post for each student’s success story. Create a month-long campaign during the midst of hiring season centered around these success stories, by releasing one a week! (Don't forget, you can easily manage these campaigns through your editorial calendar!). 

Show the employer community how other partners are using your site: 

Feature employer recruitment videos from existing partners with blog posts to spark interest in your Employer Profiles and highlight the value of partnering with your Career Center. Videos are an interactive and engaging way to break up a text-heavy newsfeed and deliver content in a modern and exciting way. 

Reach a larger audience: 

Talk to your University marketing teams to integrate other university social media accounts. Having the options to post important news to the general university instagram, twitter, and facebook will reach a much larger employer audience and direct more traffic back to your career center website. 

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