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Market to employers through custom emails
Market to employers through custom emails

Create targeted email campaigns to engage with employers and draw them to your platform.

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A great way to market to employers is through Custom Emails. Custom emails are useful when you want to create targeted campaigns that can address the specific needs, interests and goals of a unique audience, in this case - employers. Have an upcoming career fair, hiring opportunity, or exciting news that might be of particular interest to your employer partners? Target them directly with a custom email and let them know!

Welcome Emails should contain a clear message - what’s the first thing you want your employers to know? Maybe you’d like them to explore your career communities so they can be familiar with the students that will be interested in working for a company like theirs! Make it clear what value future emails & alerts will bring to them. Encourage them to sign up for alerts so that they can stay connected with new opportunities available through your career center! 

Welcome emails to employers are a great way to introduce them to your Employer Profiles, so that they can start to realize the full value of partnering with your career center. 

A great way to draw attention? Include a catchy title to your email! This will entice employer to click on your message and read further. Include a direct link to you career center website within the body of the email to make it as easy as possible for employers to explore your website. 

Check the Email Builder in your dashboard - you might find some great templates set up for you there! Want more information on how to build an email? Read this article on using your Custom Email builder to become a pro. 

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