Social media is a great way to spread awareness of your brand and content while directing users back to your career center website. It’s also a great channel through which to reach students since they’re constantly active on social platforms in their day-to-day lives. 

Turn on post notifications:

Did you know that you can receive notifications from your favorite Instagram accounts whenever they post a new photo? All you have to do is select “Turn on Post Notifications.” Create a campaign centered around students opting to sign up for post notifications from your career center Instagram account to ensure that they stay on top of new content. Take a look at these examples of Instagrammers who’ve thought of new and creative ways to get followers to do just this. 

Get students excited about career communities: 

Want users to engage with career communities? Motivate your students to find their relevant career communities through a "#findyourcommunity" contest. See how the Walter Center of Career Achievement at Indiana University of Arts & Sciences did it to get ideas for your own campaign: 

Show off success: 

Want to show a student success story? Interview students about their job search success stories. How did they go about the interview process? Any tips or tricks they can pass on? How are they loving their new job? And most importantly - how did your Career Center help them succeed? Interview 4-5 students, and create a blog post for each student’s success story. Create a month-long campaign during the midst of hiring season centered around these success stories, by releasing one a week! (Don't forget, you can easily manage these campaigns through your editorial calendar!). Here are some examples of schools that have done similar student success campaigns with featured hashtags:

NDSU also links their acknowledgements back to a featured post on their website!

Direct users to jobs and employment opportunities:

Feature employer recruitment videos with blog posts to spark interest in different career opportunities available to students through your platform. Videos are an interactive and engaging way to break up a text-heavy newsfeed and deliver content in a modern and exciting way.

Reach a larger audience:

Talk to your University marketing teams to integrate other university social media accounts. Having the options to post important news to the general university Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will reach a much larger audience and direct more traffic back to your career center website. 

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