Configure a hero video

Learn how to configure any video to appear in your hero video section.

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Adding a video to the hero section

Whether you're editing an existing video or adding in a new one, the process for designating a video to the hero section is the same! Follow the easy steps below to build our your hero section. As a reminder, there's no limit to how many videos you can select to appear in your hero section.

Configure a video to appear in the hero section:

  1. In your admin dashboard, navigate to 'Publish' in the left-hand side bar

  2. Hover over 'Videos' and select either 'Add New' or 'All Videos' depending on whether you'd like to create a new video or edit an existing one

  3. If you're editing an existing video, locate the video in the list of published videos, and select 'Edit'. 

  4. Once on the video edit screen, scroll down to the field labeled 'Hero Video'. 

  5. Select the checkbox. 

  6. Select 'Publish'. 

Your video will now appear in the hero section of your video library!

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