What are hero videos?

Learn about hero videos and how they help to highlight content within your video library.

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How are hero videos different than regular videos?

Hero videos are just like the rest of the videos on your platform, except that they show up at the top of your video library. They span the width of the whole page and showcase the video description along with the title and thumbnail, rather than falling into the three-across tile format like the rest of the library. Configuring a video to show up in the hero section is a great way to ensure that it's seen first by your visitors, and not overlooked.ย 

Take a look at a sample hero video, highlighted below.

Can you designate more than one hero video?

If more than one video is designated as a hero video, the hero space will act as a carousel, where users can cycle through the hero videos. There is no limit to the amount of videos you can add to the hero section.

Take a look at the carousel in action below.

To learn more about hero videos, check out this article below:

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