Learn how to change the order of users on a widget

Change the order of how users are displayed on the 'Featured Users' widget to highlight key community experts.

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Featured users widget

The Featured Users widget, seen below, can be displayed as either a sidebar or bottom widget. 

There are three ways you can order the users on this widget:

  1. By first name, ascending alphabetical order 

  2. By last name, ascending alphabetical order 

  3. By manually selecting a custom menu order

Set a custom order of users:

To set a custom order, navigate to "Manage">"Users," locate a specific user, and select 'Edit'. On the edit page, scroll down to the 'Order' field shown below, and type in a number to assign a custom order. If you assign the user an order of 0, the user will appear last in the widget. 

If you have 5 users, for example, and you assign Jane Doe an order of 1, Jane will appear last in your People widget. If John Doe is assigned an order of 5, he will appear first in the People widget.

Once you are finished setting the order of your Featured Users section, please submit a request and a team member will be happy to adjust your widget settings to finish enabling the custom order you’ve identified.

Note: in order for a User to display in a Featured Users widget with the 'Meet ___' call to action seen in the image above, they must be added to your Staff page from Publish > Pages . This article covers how to add Users to the staff page.

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