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Learn how to find subscriber analytics and what the data means

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Have you ever wondered how many of your uConnect platform visitors are subscribed to your different Communities and what Communities have the highest number of subscribers? How many of your subscribers have opted-in themselves and how many were subscribed during a bulk import?

The great news is that you can find this information in the back-end of your uConnect platform by navigating to your dashboard and selecting Analyze > Subscriber Analytics as highlighted below.

After navigating to  Analyze > Subscriber Analytics, you will be directed to a page with data on all of the Communities you have in your uConnect platform in addition to the number of 'Opt-in Subscribers' and the number of 'Total Subscribers' as highlighted above.

The difference between 'Opt-in Subscribers' and the number of 'Total Subscribers' is that the  'Opt-in Subscribers' column tells us the number of subscribers who have chosen to opt-in to receive content related to the Community while setting their preferences, and the 'Total Subscribers' includes the number of subscribers who were assigned to that Community during a bulk import (in addition to the Opt-in Subscribers).

For example, if the total number of 'Opt-in Subscribers' for the Business Community is 7 and the number of 'Total Subscribers' is 14, that means that 7/14 subscribers chose to opt-in the Business Community while 7 were assigned the Business Community during a bulk import. 

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