Value Behind the ODV Tool

Our Outcome Data Visualization (ODV) tool is a great way to feature your institution's historical outcome data in a dynamic and visually appealing way for students, alumni, and the greater campus Community.

Here, we'll outline some of the many uses for the ODV tool:

  • Our ODV Tool's dynamic layout appeals to the millennial generation and adult learner alike, and is an engaging way to guarantee your platform visitors return.

  • Prospective students can make better and more informed decisions in regards to their academic and career pathways.

  • This widget allows you to highlight specific divisions of your outcome data straight to the relevant community page. By doing so, you create a streamlined and comprehensive exploration experience for your users looking to pursue a future in any of your given industries or majors.

  • The ODV tool helps alumni explore career pathways that are in line with their major(s) and experience at any point in their career exploration journey.

  • The ODV tool helps employers make more informed hiring decisions and view trends in how students have made career and academic decisions.

  • Your ODV’s filter feature allows students to search for data that aligns to their unique interests, creating a more streamlined user experience that avoids the feeling of becoming overwhelmed by a surplus of unrelated content. For instance, if I am a business major student looking for a post-graduation job, I would have the option to filter for the business major, and any past academic year, to view a list of where alumni business majors are currently working. Knowing this information allows me to make more informed career decisions, and provides a benchmark to how other business majors with certain experiences have landed the positions they are in.

Now that you’ve learned about the importance of your ODV Tool, we’ll take a look at what kinds of data you can display.

Data Types/Templates Available

A great perk about uConnect’s ODV tool is the variety of outcome data you can choose to represent, including undergraduate, MBA, or internship data! What’s even better, is that we’ve built out specific templates to compliment each of these types of data, enabling your ODV tool to become customized based on the kind of content you’re presenting.

For example, if you want to display undergraduate data, we have a template that showcases first destination, top employers, starting salaries, employment quality, locations, top universities, fields of study, and degree type categories. Here are some examples of what's included in our undergraduate data template:

MBA data can be showcased to display job acceptance rates, salary metrics, industry and function destinations, top hiring employers, and location destinations.

Below are screenshots of some of the items included in our MBA template:

There’s even a template to feature internship outcomes to report a list of employers, internship job titles, and locations.   

This can be shown below:

In addition to the customized templates we provide, you’ll also have the option to select one of three methods to present your ODV tool:

  1. A stand alone page in uConnect- We can add your ODV tool as its own page within your uConnect platform, linking the tool in your main navigation

  2. Through filtered communities- We can display your ODV tool within your uConnect communities, filtering search results so they are relevant to their corresponding communities (a history community can have our ODV tool display first destination data pertaining to history majors who attended your college or university)

  3. With an iframe code- Our developers can create an iframe code, enabling your ODV tool to be embedded directly onto your main university’s website.

Once your team has purchased ODV and has decided what data type you'd like to display, you can submit your data using the form here. Once submitted, the uConnect team will check the formatting of your submission and be in touch once this has been added to your platform. There are formatting guidelines for the data here, but don't hesitate to reach out to if any questions arise.

Note: Due to privacy concerns, the ODV tool atomically hides data with less than ten submissions. If you would like to raise or lower this number, please reach out to, and a team member will be happy to assist you. 

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