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Learn best practices: guest contributors
Learn best practices: guest contributors

Understand how to get the most out of your guest contributors.

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Guest contributors make a huge impact in driving the conversation within your community. Refer guest contributors to these guidelines to help them succeed.

Format content:

How can I make my post more attractive and consumable?

Stay organized:

  • Before writing, outline your post! Decide the best form for your content, be it a list, bullet points, or paragraphs

  • Lists are a great way to attract readers and keep them on your post; e.g., “7 Great Tips for Interviewing”, “5 Reasons to Work at Our Company” etc. Check out this

  • Break your content into sections to make it easier to both read and navigate

Keep things consumable:

  • Skimming is the new reading. Keep readers engaged by keeping it short

  • Excessively long posts will deter readers. Check out this guide for more on this subject

  • Use headers for your sections to both grab readers’ attention, and to provide a synopsis of the content in your post or section

Avoid too much spacing:

  • Avoid big, intimidating blocks of pure text. Break up the text with paragraph breaks, gifs, or images. Sectioned reading is less intimidating and more digestible for a reader

Integrate media:

  • Using photos or videos is a great way to grab the attention of a visitor and draw them to your post. Here’s an example

  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Check out some more content marketing stats

Use your voice:

How can craft my message to best resonate with students?

Include engaging language:

  • Use language that will resonate well with your target audience. Keep posts casual and well organized to make them easily digestible. Here’s an example of a post that conveys their message well, while remaining light and casual for their audience

Add a catchy title:

  • Titles are intended to grab visitors’ attention and reflect the content of the post

  • If you want to attract readers, start with a working title that accurately and efficiently describes the content. From there, try including visuals, alliteration, and strong language. Remember to keep the title short so it's easy to read and understand with a quick glance. Headlines between 8–12 words in length got the most Twitter shares on average"

Remember your audience:

  • It's important to keep you audience in mind as you develop your post. Think about what will resonate with them and grab their attention, and what you want them to take away. Offering new information will keep them engaged, rather than repeating what they likely already know. Companies who blog receive 97% more visits to their website, so make sure you’re writing with your target market in mind

Focus Your Topic:

  • Define your topic quickly and clearly so that you attract the audience you want. Click here for a great example of a post that gets to the point quickly, is focused on their target market, and clearly defines their content with easy-to-read lists

Read our use cases:

What types of things should you post about?

Learn about tips for employers:

  • Represent your brand: Establish a presence and earn students’ trust by posting impossible-to-ignore career tips on our site

  • Set expectations: Let the student body know what you’re looking for in potential hires. Tell them what qualities to cultivate and what skills to develop in order to dazzle your recruiters

  • Give a heads up: Use our site to promote your next visit to campus. Calling attention to your upcoming visit can increase student turnout at your info sessions and yield more applicants to your jobs

  • Raise hype: If you’re posting jobs on our site, re-emphasize the sheer coolness of those positions by publishing blog posts about them. If you need some inspiration, check out this these recommendations for creating an effective job posting

  • Paint a picture: Sell students on your company by offering an exclusive insider’s view into the culture and day-to-day experience working in your office. Here are some helpful tips to quickly and effectively convey your company culture

Learn about tips for alumni:

  • Provide a valued perspective: Students value your advice and want to follow the path you took to achieve career success. Offer your recommendations from the vantage point of hindsight and experience

  • Get the word out: Is your company hiring? Promote career opportunities by posting featured jobs and company profiles to encourage Assumption students to apply

  • Become a mentor: Mentorship can be a powerful thing for a young student. Offer your value as a mentor and invite qualified students to inquire about becoming a mentee

  • Capture a day in the life: Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope are great ways to document what it’s like to spend a day in your shoes. Once content is compiled, share it on our site with commentary about your daily routine including victories and challenges

Learn about tips for faculty:

  • Share the wealth: As an expert in a specific field, offer industry expertise and leverage your ethos to fix students’ attention on a skill set they might consider developing

  • Keep abreast: As you monitor relevant industry trends, share your findings on our site. Let students know what interested you about the article and include a link to it in your post

  • Provide course recommendations: Promote featured classes to students to help them connect academic and career success. Target posts to specific groups of students by tagging your content to ‘Career Communities’ pages

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