What are automated emails?

Once activated, uConnect sends personalized alerts to your users whenever something is posted to your site that matches their unique interests. While the alert system is completely automated and self-maintaining, you can still customize it based on your preferences. Check out this article on the rules of automated emails to learn how the system works!

Activate and deactivate the automated email alert system:

You can enable the automated alert system to send daily, weekly and monthly alerts to users. To turn these frequencies on and off, go to Engage > Automated Emails (Alerts) and click on the Settings tab. You can set the default time your email goes out, as well as the default subject line, title and email intro.

At any point, click Save & Preview Email to see how the changes you're making appear on the email that will go out to your users.

Should I select daily, weekly, or monthly emails?

We encourage you to opt into all of them! It's important to turn on multiple automated emails to accommodate users with different frequency preferences.  In this way, you can cater and deliver content to all students, whether they'd like a daily, weekly, or monthly message. When users opt into email alerts, they are, by default, set to receive weekly alerts. However, if they later change their frequency preferences to either daily or monthly, they will no longer receive any messaging at all if these alerts aren't turned on in the backend. Avoid this lapse in content delivery by keeping all three alerts turned on.

Note: On the day the monthly email goes out, it replaces the weekly and daily alerts. If you are a daily subscriber, you will only ever receive one email a day - once a week that email will be the weekly email, and once a month that email will be the monthly email. 

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