Add a featured post to an automated email:

Override subscribers' preferences by featuring a post from a list of recently posted articles. Featured posts (blog posts, events or jobs) appear at the top of their respective section with a yellow star.

  1. Under the Engage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, navigate to Emails > Automated Emails

  2. Click on the Customize Tab

  3. Click on the calendar icon to choose the day that you want to set a featured post

  4. Scroll down to the Featured Posts section and click Add More Posts

  5. Import the post that you want and click Select

  6. Save your changes

Although the featured posts doesn't need to match subscriber's preferences, they still need to match the audience tag. For example, if a post is tagged for Students only, it will not be featured for Alumni.

Note: If you select a day for which emails are not turned on, you will receive an error message saying "Sorry, there are not emails scheduled for this day." You can turn emails on for a given day by navigating to the settings tab.

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