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uConnect opens the door to allow external influencers to add their valuable contributions to the career conversation.

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Career center staff aren't alone in influencing and supporting students as they prepare for future careers. External stakeholders such as faculty, alumni, employers and student leaders have valuable contributions to make.

uConnect's guest contributor portal allows the career center to broaden its reach of influence and centralize the contributions of external influencers. The guest contributor portal allows these influencer groups to take part in career conversations by posting announcements, events, resources and recruiting opportunities under the career center's umbrella.

What types of content can guests contribute?

A few of the many uses for the guest contributor portal:

  • Alumni can share about their career journeys or notify students of career opportunities within their company

  • Faculty can offer career advice

  • Students can talk about the steps they took to land a dream job or internship

  • Employers can promote an upcoming visit to campus or showcase a new recruiting opportunity

How do guest contributors actually submit a post?

Guests can find a link to the guest portal in the top-right corner of the landing page.

Guests fill out a quick "captcha" form and they're right into a clean dashboard -- no clunky registration process required. They select what type of content they want to post, then enhance their message by adding media, emoji's and gifs. Next, they fill in their author profile to let the community know who they are, and click submit.

Content doesn't publish right away. Once guest posts are submitted, career center admins receive a notification that a post is pending their review, to then approve and publish. To learn how to publish guest submissions, click here.

By centralizing the contributions of external influencers under the career services umbrella, the career center can not only provide support to contributors, but gather critical data along the way. 

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