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Actualize small or large-scale push email campaigns using uConnect's powerful custom email builder.

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In addition to uConnect's automated alerts system, you can also use uConnect's custom email builder to send customized messages to targeted audiences. Custom emails are a great way to supplement your automated alerts when you need to send a one-off message to ensure that a specific piece of content reaches a specific user. Whether your custom email is last-minute event promotion, sharing a job posting that's expiring soon with students of a specific major or anything in between, read on to learn how you can build your own custom emails in uConnect.

Create a custom email:

  1. Under the Engage tab in the left-hand side menu, hover over Emails and select Custom Emails.

  2. Use tags to refine the audience who will receive this email (e.g., to target a specific major, you would select the Students audience and Marketing academic category tags). You will see in the right hand corner the number of recipients for the email fluctuating as you select and / or de-select certain tags.

  3. Customize your email by giving it a subject, a title and an introductory paragraph.

  4. Build out your email further by importing pre-existing content or adding additional custom content. You can select to add content from any of the content types that you're currently leveraging in your platform, whether that be blogs, videos, experiences or more. As shown in the screenshot below, you can search for the title of a piece of content you've already added onto your uConnect platform, or search by content type.

5. Preview your email and consider sending a test email to be sure everything looks as you were expecting!

6. Schedule the delivery date and time for your email so that you don't have to worry about manually hitting send when the time comes.

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