If your department has selected a 'Dedicated' uConnect platform level, you have the option to create custom pages! Custom pages are a great way to highlight unique aspects of your career center, or provide content for unique stakeholder groups. Follow the instructions below to create a custom page!

Create a custom page:

  1. Click on the Publish tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard

  2. Hover over Pages and select Add New

  3. Add a title to the page

  4. Customize the body of the page

  5. Change the template to Page with headerĀ 

  6. Customize the Page SettingsĀ 

  7. Preview your custom page and make changes as needed

  8. Click Publish

The final step is to add the page to the menu. Send a message to support@gouconnect.com and request that a customer support agent add your new page to your menu, or click the button below to contact us directly:

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