Community tags aggregate and divide your site's content into industry topics, academic majors, or audience types. Community tags are used on the uConnect platform to help streamline communication and curate content tailored towards the unique communities living on your uConnect platform. Communities are organized by their parent tag, meaning that all majors (economics, business, electrical engineering, biology) will all fall under the parent community 'Academic Majors' while the parent tag 'Affinity Communities' will include communities such as 'international students' and 'veterans.'

For example, I am a biology major who is also an international student, uConnect's tagging system ensures that I get content not only relevant to being an international student, but also a biology major. 

Exciting news is that uConnect just released a new community tagging feature that allows you to elevate a specific community group so that a user's profile must meet that targeted community requirement AND any others selected. The default was needing to meet one OR the other. You now have the choice to choose between the exclusive versus inclusive community tagging feature.

NOTE: Inclusive tagging= OR
            Exclusive tagging= AND 

You can choose between exclusive and inclusive community tagging by navigating to the backend of your platform and following the steps below:

  1. In your admin dashboard, select 'Manage'

  2. After selecting 'Manage,' select 'Communities'

  3. Navigate to the parent community you want to edit and scroll down to 'Query Operator' and set it to AND or OR depending on if you want the tagging to be inclusive or exclusive. 

Let's lead with the two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Inclusive Community Tagging Feature (Query Operator: OR-Default)

I am trying to do outreach to target undergraduate students who major in Business or undergraduate students who have indicated that they are interested in Consulting as a career community. Tagging both 'Consulting' and 'Business' means that your custom email will reach any subscribers who have indicated that they are interested in 'Business' OR 'Consulting,' increasing the number of subscribers you reach, making this outreach more inclusive. This outreach means that you are reaching undergraduate students who are Business majors but not necessarily interested in Consulting and students interested in Consulting, but not necessarily Business majors.

NOTE: All communities are set to 'OR' by default so as not to disrupt any existing workflows.

Scenario 2: Exclusive Community Tagging Feature (Query Operator: AND)

I'm trying to target undergraduate students who major in Business AND have identified a career interest in Consulting. To do so, you will have to set the query operator of the parent tag (Academic Categories is the parent tag of Business) to AND. Tagging both 'Business' and 'Consulting' means that you are reaching an audience of undergraduate students who major in Business AND have also indicated an interest in Consulting, decreasing the number of subscribers you reach, making this outreach more exclusive. 

Taking the steps described in Scenario 2 will affect these workflows in the following ways:

  1. Custom Emails: Any custom emails that includes an 'Academic Category' community to filter the target audience, will now only include users who meet BOTH the 'Business' tag, and at least one other tag selected in the recipient list, 'Consulting' in our case. For example, if you draft an email and select 'Business', from the Academic Categories Community group, as well as 'Consulting' from the Career Community group, the recipient list will be narrowed down to only Business students that have identified an interest in Consulting. 

  2. Automated Alerts: Content will now have to specifically match a user's  Academic Categories Community (Business) in order to be included in their alert, rather than needing to match either Consulting OR Business  as was previously the default. 

  3. Filtering: When selecting a set of filters to explore relevant events, resources, etc. on the front-end of the platform, a user will now be presented with content that matches BOTH the 'Business' community, and the 'Consulting' tag, rather than needing to only match one tag.

Demo Video

Note: There is an exception for Audience/People, and Class Year Community Groups where the Query Operator is always AND and cannot be changed.

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