Why integrate with 12Twenty?

Learn why it's important to automate the import of your job and event content - both for your staff, and your students.

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Why integrate with 12Twenty?

Integrating with 12Twenty streamlines the process of promoting your job and event content to all stakeholders. Before, this valuable content was locked behind authentication, and viewable only to students and staff with 12Twenty portal access. By promoting previews of this content on uConnect, you can share opportunities with your entire community, like prospective students (who are thinking about what their future might look like if they attend your institution), faculty (who can now make informed recommendations to students in the classroom), alumni (who may act as mentors to your students and use these jobs to inform their suggestions, or be seeking their own professional development opportunities), and more.

Integrating with 12Twenty also helps to streamline your workflow as an administrator of the uConnect platform. Rather than manually creating jobs, employers, and events in uConnect and ultimately duplicating your work, or, sending students to a separate portal for job exploration, this integration creates all the content for you by syncing with your 12Twenty instance! 

What's even better? Integrating with your institutional job board is completely free. 

Here's how it works

We use an API integration to automatically sync this content, ensuring that your information is safely and efficiently transported into your dashboard. 

  • Jobs will be pulled if they've been added or edited in the past 24 hours. 

  • Events will be pulled if they're occurring in the next 90 days.

Interested in setting up an automated integration with your 12Twenty account? Read our instructions here! 

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