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Instructions for integrating with 12Twenty
Instructions for integrating with 12Twenty

Learn how to automate the import of job and event content from 12TWenty through our seamless integration!

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How to integrate with 12Twenty

Integrating with 12Twenty is easy!

First you will need to get an API Key from 12Twenty's customer success team, then send us the following:

  1. Your 12Twenty URL (ie, https://[SCHOOL_ID]

  2. The API Key

  3. Calendar (for Events)

The "Calendar" is used when importing events from 12Twenty, it will let us know which uConnect calendar you want the events to appear on.

If you're a new partner institution who's going through our onboarding process or if you're an existing client that's switched to 12Twenty, please submit a support request with the above information and we'll follow-up with you regarding your 12Twenty set-up.

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