You can configure form notifications to alert your staff members when a new response is submitted. And what's even better, anyone in your school can have access to form responses, even if they don't have access to the uConnect platform!

When you create a form, you have the option to setup notifications so that the person you want to receive notifications is alerted when a response is submitted. 

To do so, login to your uConnect's dashboard and navigate to Publish > Engage > Forms > select the form you wish to edit, and select > Settings > Notifications, as highlighted below:

If you need a refresher on how to create a form, please refer to this article.

After filling out the contact information of the person you want receiving notifications, scroll down to 'Message'.

On the right-hand side where the arrow below is pointing, you can pick from the drop down menu the information you want the recipient of the notifications to receive.
Picking 'All Submitted Fields' or the merge tags option means that the recipient will receive all submitted fields, including questions and answers within the form when they receive the notification. 

If you pick a single field, like 'Date', then the person being alerted will receive only the date that the form was submitted. You can choose from a variety of fields here, including information on the user who submitted the form (User IP Address), as well as the individual fields they submitted.

You can view the merge tags or 'all submitted fields' option below.

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