Whether you need to add new descriptions or are updating existing ones, this guide will walk you through the process of managing your ODV content in the uConnect dashboard*. Descriptions provide context so that users can better understand and explore the data you present.

Below is an example of the many places you can add descriptions:

Add or update ODV descriptions

  • From the dashboard homepage, navigate to 'Publish'

  • Select 'Student Outcomes' from the bottom of the list of drop down options

Once you're on the Student Outcomes page you can include descriptions for:

  • Overall Introduction: explaining what the ODV tool is.

  • Division Descriptions: explaining each individual major / department by which you can filter your outcome data.

  • Chart Descriptions: the individual charts - "Top Employers", "Employment Satisfaction", etc. - that represent different facets of the overall outcome data.

Simply scroll to the type of description you want to update, and then select the individual major or chart that you'd like to work on. Once you're done, click save at the bottom of the page!

*The ODV tool is a paid module and not included in the core uConnect product. If you'd like to learn more about adding this feature to your platform, please reach out to us at info@gouconnect.com

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