Featured below is a guest blog post focused on Criminal Justice advice for students. It’s been tagged accordingly to the following communities and content categories: 


  • Audience: 'Students'

  • Academic Programs: 'Law, Government & Policy'

  • Career Communities: 'Govt. & Policy'

  • Career Topics: 'Industry Insights'

Content Categories:

  • Blog Categories: 'Advice' and 'Guest Blog'

That's all well and good, but what does this actually mean for email visibility? Which students will receive this blog in their automated emails? We've got the breakdown for you here: 

  1. When determining who should receive which content pieces in their emails, the system first looks at Audience Type. That's why it's mandatory to include an audience type for every uploaded subscriber list, or when creating a profile for yourself. In this example, the system would narrow down the pool of recipients to just those marked as 'Students' and rule out Alumni, Employers, Parents & Families, etc. 

  2. Next, the system looks at Communities. From the students that still remain as potential recipients, the system narrows down the pool to just those that have identified or been tagged to at least one of the communities listed. In this example, only students who have been uploaded as or have self-selected 'Law, Government & Policy', 'Govt. & Policy', or 'Industry Insights' remain.

  3. From the remaining pool of students, the system then looks at those that have matching Blog Categories. In this case, only those students that have at least one matching Community, and have identified either 'Advice' or 'Guest Blog' for Blog Categories will receive this piece of content in their automated emails. 

To sum it all up, these students would all receive this blog post in their automated emails: 

User 1

  • Audience: Student

  • Communities: Govt. & Policy

  • Content Categories: Guest Blogs

User 2

  • Audience: Student

  • Communities: Law, Government and Policy, Industry Insights

  • Content Categories: Advice

These users, would not receive this blog in their emails: 

User 3

  • Audience: Alumni

  • Communities: Law, Government and Policy, Industry Insights

  • Content Categories: Advice

User 4

  • Audience: Student

  • Communities: None

  • Content Categories: Advice

User 5

  • Audience: Student

  • Communities: Law, Government and Policy

  • Content Categories: None

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