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Create and manage playlists
Create and manage playlists

Learn how to leverage playlists to curate video content within Candid Career+

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What is a playlist?

Video playlists are available as part of the Candid Career+ module, and enable you to curate a selection of videos to easily share with your students and stakeholders!

Add and edit a playlist

Playlists can be found in the dashboard by expanding the Video menu in your lefthand navigation, and selecting Video Playlists. From here, adding and editing playlists is easy!

Read on to see how to create and manage playlists.

Create a new playlist

To create a playlist, you first need to navigate to the Playlist management screen in your dashboard. To do so, open your left-hand menu, expand Publish > Videos > Video Playlists.

From the Playlist management screen, click the Add New+ button at the top.

This will bring you to an editor where you can create your playlist. The first step in doing so is to give your playlist a title and description (the description is optional, but the title is a required field).

Once you have the title and description included, go ahead and select the Add Video button from the Playlists Videos section.

This will open a pop up screen where you can multi-select any published videos from your platform to be included in your playlist. You can use search to find the specific videos you're looking for, or filter by community tags to make locating the right videos easy.

Simply click on the videos you'd like to add, then select Add to Playlist.

Once you've selected your videos, you can drag and drop to reorder them, delete any you no longer want, or pop the window back open to add in more. You can open any previously published playlist to make these changes as well!

*You can add up to 100 videos into a single playlist.

Once you're done creating your playlist, you can publish it by selecting Publish in the top right hand corner!

Once published, an easy-to-grab URL is made available via the Copy Link text in the top right corner so you can start sharing it with your student and stakeholders!

Ideas for using a playlist

Share playlists with students before advising sessions, add them to your career development course syllabi or encourage faculty to embed them into their curriculum, having playlists stream on a TV within your physical career center... the sky is the limit to how you can use playlists to curate content and engage stakeholders with your high value video content!

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