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Instructions for integrating with Handshake
Instructions for integrating with Handshake

Learn to directly and automatically integrate jobs, events, and career fairs from Handshake using RSS feeds.

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Follow these steps to set up the automatic migration of Handshake content:

  1. Log into your account on Handshake

  2. Follow the step by step instructions or watch the video provided by Handshake Support

  3. Select individual Version 2* (V2) feeds for Jobs, Events, and Career Fairs:

  4. Set filters for each feed using criteria such as Status, Job Type, Major, or Label. Note that the Status must be checked off as 'Approved' - this will ensure that jobs that you have declined on Handshake don't pull over into uConnect.

  5. Once a feed has been generated and the status has been set to "Published," copy the URL link (example below), title it appropriately (i.e. Jobs, Events, or Career Fairs), then share it with uConnect by submitting the feed(s) in our secure Handshake integration form.

Here is an example of what a RSS feed URL will look like:

*Note: Remember to select Version 2 (V2).  Version 1 (V1) does not contain the minimum required fields to create a unique record.

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