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Firstly, welcome to the uConnect family. We're incredibly grateful for each and every partner that chooses to go on this journey with us! 

We started uConnect in 2013 to help colleges and universities make career services a more integral part of the campus culture and daily student experience. We did so based on the belief that career advancement is the most powerful incentive influencing the pursuit of continuing education, and that providing higher education institutions the tools and technology to more intentionally integrate career education and planning into student journey has the potential to improve access to higher education for everyone. 

For those of you new to uConnect, our virtual career services platform is designed to help colleges and universities leverage the career resources, data and information they have across campus to encourage purposeful engagement and inform career-driven pathways.

uConnect simplifies career services engagement by creating a central access point for students and the community to search and discover the full range of career resources and services available - a response to the fragmented experience students are faced with trying to navigate the wide range of resources on their campuses.

With uConnect, career information is presented to students in a way that helps them make more informed and purposeful decisions, from enrollment through completion. 

For staff and administrators, uConnect radically simplifies search and discovery of career resources and services by combining a self-guided, highly engaging user experience with robust marketing automation to personalize engagement for every student. To help, the often overmatched and outnumbered, career staff meet the growing and diverse career interests of their students, uConnect makes it easy for each school to mobilize their campus community to act as an extension to the career center staff, by making career pathway resources more visible, accessible and, ultimately, more effective in guiding students to meaningful outcomes.  

The uConnect platform helps increase engagement and scale the impact of career services in three ways:   

  1. Consolidate Resources - leverage deep technical integrations with commonly used career pathway resources, uConnect integrates previously disparate resources into a single home for career education and planning. Once integrated, uConnect facilitates search and discovery through a modern keyword word search, self-guided community exploration and proactive recommendations. 

  2. Eliminate Barriers - uConnect surfaces each school's most important career resources and information publicly, without requiring users to authenticate or download any software to engage. Putting critical career information at the fingertips of stakeholders who influence students at every step of their journey  - admissions, faculty, student life, alumni relations, even parents, creates a network of influencers that can spread your message and refer your resources.

  3. Streamline Communication - the uConnect platform curates specific resources, personalized for every student, based on their background, academic interests and career goals. Automated email notifications and recommendations are delivered through the most modern marketing channels including email, social media and mobile.  

By helping schools showcase their career services, and more intentionally integrate them into the every day student experience, we aim to create a deeper connection between the academic pathways and meaningful career advancement.

Thank you again for your partnership, we look forward to creating lasting change for the betterment of students and our field!  

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