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Sort jobs by application date and learn more about job filter options
Sort jobs by application date and learn more about job filter options

Learn how to sort jobs by application date instead of most recently published

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In your platform, by default, your most recently posted job opportunities will display first. However, it can also be valuable to promote opportunities where an application deadline is upcoming, so that your students or alumni can prioritize accordingly and don't miss out. Whether you integrate with a job board, like Handshake, or if you manually publish jobs in your platform from Publish > Jobs, we'll walk you through how you and your stakeholders can view jobs that are expiring shortly, how you can update the jobs that appear in your automated alerts, and how you can update the default ordering of jobs across your platform.

Updating By Filtering

For students or alumni exploring open positions on your platform, they will all have the ability to sort your job opportunities. To do so, a user viewing either your jobs landing page or a listing of jobs from your widget can select the 'Sort / Filter' option, as seen in the screenshot below.

Then, they can select 'Sort By' and select to either see opportunities filtered by the date that they were published or by the opportunities that will be expiring soon. Once they press 'Apply Filters' they will see the jobs display in that order. (Note: If you'd like additional layers of filters to display, as well, such as different Community Groups, please submit a support request here).

Updating Automated Alerts

You can also update the order of jobs that appear in your automated alerts. To do so, you can navigate to Engage > Emails > Automated Alerts within your Admin dashboard. From there, if you navigate to the 'Content' tab you will see at the bottom of the screen a dropdown option to either include jobs that are newest or those that are expiring first.

By default this will display newest opportunities first, so if you do update it, be sure to hit 'Save Changes.'

Updating Widgets & Default Layout

If you would like the default order of jobs to be updated across your platform so that jobs are sorted by application deadline, please reach submit a support request here. Our team would be happy to update your widgets and / or your job landing page so that expiring opportunities display first.

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