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Publish external experiences from Forage
Publish external experiences from Forage

Learn how to publish Forage experiences and empower students to build career skills

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Our External Experience Content Library allows you to publish virtual job simulations from Forage to help empower students to build the practical skills that employers are looking for, increasing their likelihood of landing a job and interviewing effectively.

These courses from Forage are available within the backend of your uConnect virtual career center. To learn more about Forage, you can read about the value Forage adds to your university career strategy here!

To get started and publish an experience from Forage, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the backend of your uConnect platform, and then select the 'Publish' tab

  2. From the 'Publish' tab, hover over 'Experiences'

  3. Then from here, click on the 'External Experiences' option.

  4. After pressing 'External Content Library', you'll have the option to view all experiences, where you can either use a search bar to look for the name of a particular job simulation or view the entirety of the available experiences.

  5. Once ready to publish an experience, hover over the content and click 'Import Content,' as seen below, to bring the experience into your editor view:

  6. Tag the experience to the audience group it is for, the experience category it's related to, and any Communities you would like it to appear on. An example of proper tagging is shown below. Afterwards, hit 'Publish' to take the experience live on your platform!

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