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Integrate your Google calendar into your uConnect platform
Integrate your Google calendar into your uConnect platform

Convert any Google calendar feed from the school to an iCal feed to import events into your uConnect platform.

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The uConnect platform supports iCal feeds and can now integrate with Google calendar feeds by creating a new url that can be synced with your platform. This is a great way to showcase events from the school that are outside of Career Services, but still relevant to your stakeholders. When setting this up with your Client Onboarding Specialist (or your Customer Success Manager post-launch) you have the option to [map to your communities and] auto-publish events, or leave them as pending so you can select specific events to publish in the platform.

First you’ll need to login to Google Calendar and locate ‘My Calendars’ on the left hand side menu. Find the calendar you wish to sync with uConnect and click on the 3 ellipses on the right side.

After clicking on the three ellipses select ‘Settings and Sharing’

Next confirm that the calendar settings are set to Public:

Navigate to Calendar Settings and click on Integrate Calendar on the left side of the screen

Look for the field labeled “Public Address in iCal format”:

Make sure to copy the URL that ends .ics

From there provide the url link to your Client Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager and uConnect will take care of the rest!

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