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The importance of outcome data transparency

Your outcome data is a critical tool to inspire student engagement, and persistence. Additionally, it has incredible influence in empowering faculty, employers, and other key stakeholders to engage with your students and institution.

To leverage the full power of your Outcome data, it's important to make sure it's visible across your university's digital presence, which you can facilitate through the use of the iframe embed functionality within our Outcome Data Visualization Module!

How to embed your outcome data

If you have our Outcome Data Visualization module as a part of your uConnect subscription, you'll be able to access this feature from within your admin dashboard.*

Within your dashboard:

  • In the left-hand side bar, navigate to Publish > Student Outcomes

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, until you reach the Embed section

  • Copy the entire code within the box, and paste it into any university webpage

This will ensure that your Outcome Data Module is viewable wherever you're telling the story of career advancement and graduate success!

*If you don't have access, but would like to learn more about the module, email your individual Client Success Manager, or our support team at!

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