Understanding the Redirects feature

Understand what redirects are within the uConnect platform and how to take advantage of this feature

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Redirects are a powerful feature of the uConnect platform that can be made available through requests to uConnect support. Leveraging redirects can sometimes require additional coordination with client IT teams, but with this feature, we can handle the majority of common requests to ensure end-users maintain intuitive access to content hosted on a uConnect platform.

A redirect allows a specific URL path to point to an alternate path to ensure end-users arrive at the intended destination. Below are a few examples to help explain the scenarios where redirects are helpful.

Scenario 1 - Ensuring re-named content remains accessible

In this scenario, an existing uConnect page has been renamed to a more descriptive name, and with this, an admin user decided to change the URL of the page too. Unfortunately, before this rename occurred, the old page url was shared and/or linked to customers in a way that cannot be easily changed.

To help with this issue, we can put in a redirect that simply points the old path to the path.

Example Redirect

careers.samplesite.edu/available-resources > careers.samplesite.edu/career-resources

Now, both paths above are valid and will point end-users to the desired content at the new location of careers.samplesite.edu/career-resources.

Scenario 2 - Maintaining continuity of resources when migrating to uConnect

In this scenario, a client is planning to migrate to uConnect but has a highly marketed URL that was set up on their legacy site that they wish to maintain after their transition to uConnect.

The underlying content has already been migrated to the new uConnect platform, and we need to ensure the previous name points to this new location.

Example Redirect

https://jobsearch.samplesite.edu > https://careers.samplesite.edu/jobs

In this scenario, we will also have to coordinate with the client's IT team to ensure that the jobsearch subdomain is pointed to uConnect, and then uConnect technical staff can ensure this name is redirected to the appropriate content within our platform.

While this feature allows us to handle the majority of client requests, not all redirects are possible due to technical limitations or policies from client IT teams around domain usage.

If you are considering implementing a new redirect, please submit a support request or chat with the uConnect Client Success team member you are working with to validate that the requested redirects are possible.

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