Wondering how to set up your Handshake feeds to automatically pull in fresh new job or event content? Follow the step-by-step directions below!

First, you'll need to log in to Handshake with your Admin profile. In the top right-hand corner, you should see your name. Click your name to expand the dropdown and select 'School Settings'.

On the left-hand side, a new dashboard will appear for you where you can select 'External Feeds.' Once there, select the tab titled, 'Create New Feed'.

External feed tab, with

Next, change the feed from the default 'V1' to 'V2'. Any feeds submitted as V1 are not supported by uConnect. Then you need to title the feed. For example [Community Name, Job Type] i.e. “Arts, Media & Communication, Full Time” and select 'Next'. You can also use the dropdown to determine if you are building a Job, Career Fair or Event feed.

Note: Your Handshake feeds should be built out to align with your Communities and your Content Categories to take full advantage of the auto-publishing and filtering functionality of your platform. If you have any questions about this, please contact your dedicated success manager or support@gouconnect.com!


Now that you've selected 'Next', you'll see many options on the left side dashboard that will allow you to refine the postings that pull into your feed. For example, some of the useful filters that you may want to use are 'Employment Type', to refine Full-Time vs Part-time, for example; 'Job Function', which is assigned by employers; 'Job Role' which is assigned by Handshake; and 'Job Role' to indicate if the position is an Internship or other type of opportunity. You can also use 'Class Level', 'Position Type' and custom labels that you yourself have created to further refine what appears in your feed.

Another helpful checkbox is 'Exclude Posted to all Majors'. This will remove any jobs posted by employers to all majors in an attempt to reach a broader audience. By selecting this it will help to keep the job content curated in your communities.


Once you've refined your feed to your satisfaction, you can press 'Next'. As the last steps you can change the option from Unpublished to Published, copy the link, and click Finalize/Save Changes.


All Handshake feeds should be submitted here, indicating the URL for the feed, which Communities & Content Categories you would like the content in the feed to be pre-tagged with, and whether or not you'd like the content to automatically publish.

Once you submit the completed form our Support team will receive the information to start integrating into your uConnect platform.

Note: You can always make edits to the feeds in Handshake at any time and the changes will be reflected in your uConnect platform on the next sync, no need to contact Support about the changes.

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