Profile Attributes in Graduway

To ensure that every mentor is able to connect and support students in the way they feel most comfortable, you can leverage the profile attributes section in your Graduway system. In Admin view, on the left sidebar, under 'User Management' click on 'Profile Attributes', as displayed in the screenshot below.

Within Profile Attributes, add a new profile attribute titled 'Remove from uConnect Virtual Career Center'. Make sure to mark the attribute 'Single Select', and toggle on 'In Registration' and 'Mandatory', as shown below. After you mark 'Single Select', you'll be prompted to give the users options, you can upload a simple "yes" and "no" as the options.

After setting up the field, you will need to contact and let us know that you would like to enable the feature.

Your mentors will now have the option to be removed from uConnect upon registration! They can also go in and edit this profile option of their own volition.

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